AdsForCauses was created to solve the problem many people express by saying: "I'm frustrated and angry with [something about the world around them], but I don't know what to do to change things". AdsForCauses helps activists and regular people create Ads for their Cause, crowdfund the cost of publishing the Ad, and purchase the right advertising media for their message.

AdsForCauses was founded in 2011 by Doug DeFonzo. The inspiration for AdsForCauses came while driving down the highway looking at all the billboard Ads and wondering why just the big, well organized, and well funded organizations had access to such an effective Advertising medium. Doug has 15 years experience building eCommerce web apps. Before founding AdsForCauses, Doug held management positions at Vistaprint and Microsoft. Doug also worked for early stage start-up companies including iConverse and Firefly Network (acquired by Microsoft). Doug's passions include building successful businesses and facilitating free speech for all people.