Title: Tell Washington policymakers to end the partisan politics

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Total raised:
$ 17.25
Fund-raising goal:
$ 17.25
This Ad Proposal was 100% funded

The fund-raising deadline:
January 16, 2012

Publication summary:

This was our AdsForCauses' first Ad campaign and was created as an end-to-end test of the AdsForCauses platform.

The Ad's crowd funding sales pitch:

The policymakers in Washington are out of touch with what most Americans, both democrat and replican want: for an end to partisan politics. We need both sides to compromise in order to solve the real problems we face. America has significant challenges we must solve if we want this great country to continue to be great.

We need this Ad to help remind our policymakers what America needs and what the voters want.

Publication Details:

This Ad will appear on Facebook from January 22, 2012 - January 30, 2012. The Ad will be visible to the approximately 11.5 million Facebook users from the United States over 18 years old that have expressed an interest in US Politics. When the user clicks on the Ad they will be taken to www.AdsForCauses.com

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